Friday Samu - top scorer of the championship in Zambia 2020/2021

In the Zambian championship, there is always an intense battle for individual awards. In particular, many players claim the title of the best assistant of the tournament. By the way, discover profitable online betting only with and you can not only follow the confrontations from the world of this championship, but also regularly earn on them. So, the top scorer in the 2020/2021 season was Friday Samu. There were 13 accurate shots on the forward's account. Samu shared his award with Phiri, who scored a similar number of goals. Despite the productivity of the forward, his "Green Buffalos" team finished only in 9th position in the championship that season. Choose profitable online betting only with the company 1xBet, and you can not only follow the success of this team, but also regularly earn on matches with its participation.

As for Samu's achievement, he was the true leader of his club's attacks in that campaign. He had 35% of the team's total goals. Obviously, it is difficult to overestimate the importance of this player for the club. Without him, the team would have been in the relegation zone. By the way, it's easy to follow its progress at a reliable office. You can download a program for your gadget here at With its help, it will be even easier to follow the matches of the "Green Buffalos". Despite the fact that the 2020/2021 season didn't turn out well for the teams, Samu can definitely take credit for it. In that campaign, he finally established himself as the team's attacking leader. It's easy to follow his current matches on 1xBet. Here the oppositions from the national championship, as well as many other tournaments where the "Green Buffalos" take part, are covered.

What helped the forward win the individual prize?

In that campaign, the forward was stable over the entire distance. He regularly hit the goals of weaker opponents as well as the established grands. By the way, the section makes it easy to follow the current confrontations involving all the teams of the championship. As for Samu's achievement, it was made possible by: excellent speed; the ability to make a strong and targeted attack; experience, ability to choose the right position on the pitch, the time to make a breakthrough. Throughout the campaign, the player regularly demonstrated his best qualities, so his individual award is quite fair. If you are still following "Green Buffalos", where Samu has set the record, then go to 1xBet, and all the current oppositions of this team will be at your fingertips. You will be able to follow them and make profitable predictions for each match.